April 13, 2008

Big daddy just bought a PS3!

"To know what you make is tasty, you must eat your own dog food."

I'm a huge Xbox 360 guy. I started as a PC gamer and developer, so I understand the roots of the Xbox. Xbox 360 gave Microsoft the lead in the war for the core gamer (yes, yes, casual gaming belongs to Nintendo!) with innovations like Xbox Live, Marketplace, media streaming, Achievements, and amazing games that were first or best for the 360 platform. Achievements alone do it for me. It's all I talk about with my gaming friends. "What was your score on BioShock? Did you get the Achievement for maxing out XXX?"

So why the heck did I buy a PS3 today? Dropped the bling on a blue shirt @ Best Buy! (or did I mean Buy More? LOL!). Because I am humble and I eat my own dog food.

Humble: Yes, I was wrong in picking HD-DVD. I bet on HD-DVD well before I joined Sun, so this humble is lonely humble. I thought the higher production costs for BD discs, the lack of support for adult content (and yes, adult content drives technology), and Sony's history of closed platforms (Beta, Memory Stick, ATRAC, etc.) would lead to Blu-ray's demise. I was wrong. The how is irrelevant; Sony won. My HD-DVD add-on for my 360 and my ~10 HD-DVD movies humbly await a buyout and associated public burning by the appropriate Sony folks.

I eat my own dog food: Java helps power Blu-ray. The Playstation 3 box has the "Java Powered" logo on it! Java (BD-J) helps BD-Live create amazing interactive content for BD discs, and I hope that is just the beginning of the relationship between Java, Playstation 3, and all Blu-ray players. Network enabled devices fueled by amazing Java (FX) content is part of the reason I joined Sun.

So I'm looking forward to buying some discs with BD-Live content and seeing how Java enabled content makes the platform even better. And I'll be checking our taste factor. If our stuff isn't premium grade kibbles, it's time to talk to the guys and gals back in Engineering and Product Marketing. And if it tastes great, it's still off to the labs to see what we can do to make it better. It's all about creating the best platform for connected developers and our consumer partners!!!

And yes, the PS3 is pretty damn slick. Three cables and I was up and running. Integrated power supply, nice touch versus 360. Very quiet, makes my 360 sound like a jet engine in comparison. Integrated WiFi had me connected in less than 2 minutes. And while I love 360's Blades interface, the PS3 interface feels subtle though too deep on both the X and Y axis . I noticed the consistency of the interface with the PSP, which I previously owned. The interface looks crisp @ 1080p. Love the flowing animation behind the interface.

rat hole : Casino Royale in 1080p was smokin! Ladies, you can oogle Daniel Craig all you want, because the men got Eva Green. Something for everyone! Boo-ya!

Anyway, I'm slowing acquiring all the latest Java gear for consumers so I can see how we are really doing. PS3, Livescribe, Kindle, a new phone (any suggestions), etc. We're going to talk to the leading content, consumer, and hardware developers and find out what is right and wrong with Java. And we're going to deliver what these folks want and need to make great solutions. Our dog food must taste great and keep getting better. No gas or bad aftertaste ;-)

rat hole #2: Next BD movie? Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Action, spies, humor, and taking "the spouse/lover's quarrel" to the next level (their battle in their house and the ride in the mini-van are the highlights for Anne and I). Pitt and Jolie have chemistry. Sorry Jennifer :(

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