April 08, 2008

The countdown timer

The JavaOne countdown timer now says 28 days, 32 minutes, and 16 seconds. OMG! I have to admit that I haven't felt this much positive stress in years. Pressure, baby! I just came off an extended pregnancy delivering the Dash Express. The stress in getting that product done was intense, but eerily manageable. We had a great marketing team in place, the product concept was well received by the marketplace, and it was just an exercise in hard work and sleepless nights. It took far longer than we thought, but it was worth the wait. Having watched my wife manage bringing three wonderful kids into the world, I know that after the nine month ordeal, the thing you want most in the world is to rest. While associating a product launch with pregnancy doesn't do pregnancy justice, it is one of the closer things in my own life that I can relate to the process. If product launches could induce nausea and the physical pain associated with childbirth, we'd be close to the same page. So Sun convinces me that while Dash Express rocks the world, Java truly rocks the entire planet. I'm like ok, this sounds like a completely different challenge, and I'm in. They politely mention that Mobile World Congress is coming, and JavaOne is in May, but May seems like an eon away and how hard could managing JavaOne be. It's just another conference, right? I've spoken at too many conferences, and at Apple we worked incredibly hard to get WWDC ready. I can handle this! Whoa, was I in for a shock. I'm really excited about JavaOne and all of the new and innovative things we are doing with the conference this year, but this is like going through another product launch right after finishing one. Two product "pregnancies" in a row! I have to admit that I'm feeling more pressure and stress than I've felt for years. It isn't that "I hate this" or "I hate my job" or "what the f*ck was I thinking when agreed to this!?" but just the I've got a huge job to do and the countdown timer is always working against me. I've been trying to take time and preserve my health and mental sanity through this process, but as many of you know, it's often a losing battle near the end of a project. When you start to dream about the post event vacation in terms of hiding under a rock with no Internet, phones, or people around you, you know the final push has started. Without all the amazing people at Sun who are working on JavaOne, I'd be toast! This time in my life has taught me to respect women and pregnancy, because I can barely handle two back to back launches and somehow women manage pregnancies, kids, and life on a daily basis. Not that men don't accomplish a few things, but damn, multi-tasking and endurance are awesome traits to possess. Anne, you rock! Not sure how you do it, but you rock! Ok, down to 28 days, 8 minutes, and 55 seconds as this post is completed...
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