April 13, 2008

Staying loose in the home stretch

We shot my iPhone JVM announcement in the Sun video studio. It was fun, but the vibe was too formal for me. I decided my next video would be in the comfort of my office...

We've been shooting short clips of the teams as they make the mad rush for JavaOne. Can't wait to compile them as a memento of this crazy couple of months. Everyone is working their butts off, but it is really fun to be part of the team making JavaOne happen. We're going much more personal this year, and the new stage and keynote is going to rock! Better get back to work on that keynote soon, eh?

Next video will be shot in my new office, and I should have the place tricked out. Will have to shoot it like an episode of Cribs. Still need to get a frig for the drinks and snacks, though mine won't be as large as Param's ice cream capable unit he just installed. I'm going to get a flat panel and a PS3 there for drop-in fragging, plus all sorts of other Java powered toys. I've already hung up my Macintosh Duo poster (first hardware project @ Apple) and my Chicago skyline shot (my homage to the Bungie days). The Dash folks gave me the most amazing signed goodbye poster with images of the hardware predecessor to the Dash Express and Express itself. That's got to go up in the office as well.

I think I said the bottle I held up in the video was whiskey? It's actually a single malt scotch. When I moved into the office, the previous owners left me four bottles of scotch ;-) Whatever is left will be left for the next occupant when I move later this month. Need to move closer to my "twin" Jeet, our Engineering VP and all around good guy!

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