April 28, 2008

There goes the social calendar

While we have been working long hours and weekends for the last few weeks, we've told our families that we're cutting back to just work and limited sleep, and when that is done we move to SF for a week to host JavaOne. The final push is on! The joke within our review group is that family time is now restricted to going home to walk the dog and eat dinner with our families. No dessert. Content creation is starting to taper in some areas, and reviews seem to be taking an increasing portion of my time. As I always do at this point in a big project, I have a healthy respect for women in the last weeks of their pregnancy. I'm ready to just ship this thing. I know in essence what the conference is going to be, it is going to rock, and now it is time to just start it. I want to push but the doctor (or producers in this case) says no. 7 days, 10 hours, and 31 minutes until the show starts. We all leave for SF this weekend! Our CommunityOne conference starts on Monday (the day before JavaOne starts), and with practice schedules, etc. we all start working in SF on Saturday or Sunday. Back to work to the reviews. We're debating where to put a cool demo that just got cut from my keynote due to time considerations, but all the other keynotes are full too. Horse trading has started on the conference call!
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