May 02, 2008

I am so proud of the team

We are in the final home stretch for JavaOne, and I can't be more proud and appreciative of what the Java team is doing. We have the complete package for JavaOne; a coherent strategy, tight messaging, industry luminaries supporting Java, and hugely compelling demos. Plus a surprise that I'm sure will get everyone talking ;-) What makes me so happy is to watch the engineering and marketing teams work together to make this happen. I joined eighty five days ago, and there is no way I could have imagined so much progress in that timeframe. People are camped in their offices and conference rooms into the wee hours of the night. We've had people move here from overseas for extended visits to work 24x7 on the demos. These people traded their family lives to make JavaOne rock!? Fracking amazing. We're on conference calls until 10 or 11 every night, and the IMs and work doesn't stop until 2am most nights. It's funny to see the people who prefer to work until 2am hand off to the folks who like to start at 4am. All in the same time zone, mind you. The other thing I'm loving is we are playing fast and furious. Every day means something to us. We're challenging the rules. We're asking why?! We don't accept "well that's the way we've done it for as long as I can remember" at face value. We respect the system, but we're asking it to give us 110%. We're going to make some mistakes, but we're changing the pace and the game itself. I'll take the heat when we push a little too hard, because most of the time we are nailing our goals. Mistakes are just the lessons that teach you how to win in the end. Most importantly, we are playing fast and furious because we want to win! We have much to do after JavaOne is over, but the first eighty five days exceeded my expectations. Go team go!! Damn, just got another note from a new team member I don't know asking the right questions about when to drop a cool new release with a killer feature we are going to demo. This engineering person wants to know when to time the release for maximum marketing impact. Talk about team play! I'm going to find this person's manager and sing some praise! Woo hoo! 3 days, 8 hours, 42 minutes until JavaOne XX days until the next super cool thing we can't talk about yet (there is already a timer running to track it) 345 email in last 23 hours and 19 minutes # of iPhone recharges today: 2 Panicked conversations: 2 (so far) Penalty box time: 2 minutes for brand High-Sticking Liz, Laura, Ash, Rich, Jeet, Bob, Jane, Wendy, and Andreas covering our backs: Priceless BTW, I'm staying on the second floor at the W near Moscone starting Sunday, if you want to find me ;-)
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