May 05, 2008

It's almost here

It's almost time. A small group representing the entire Java team has been working on a keynote to open JavaOne. This keynote should clearly tell the world where Java is going. It should inspire. It should clarify. It should be fun!
I really believe in the vision and strategy we're going to present tomorrow. The lion-share of the hard work attributable to this keynote goes to the engineers who created the amazing demos that people will see tomorrow, Andreas for taking our rough concepts and polishing them into a great speech, and Rich for delivering the speech in the fashion only a true leader can do.
I get to spend a minute or two on stage delivering a particularly interesting demo, which is exciting. The real excitement for me, however, is seeing how people internalize and react to our strategy. After the keynote and press conference, it's on to three days of press and partner meetings. And hopefully a stiff drink and some sleep!
10 hours until the keynote.
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