May 12, 2008

May 11; a kickass day!

Highlights of the Day + Going to Rancho San Antonio with my family and having a picnic at the farm. Nick got to see an amazing pinto horse named Apache, pigs, goats, sheep, and countless flowers. We had a blast! + First time in our pool for the year. It was a blast, and made paying for all the repairs this Spring seem like the right move. + Having the best wife in the world to celebrate Mother's Day with (and for) Lowlight - Watching the cost of basic goods sky rocket knowing there is little you can do to solve macro economic issues
My Day as a Song U2 - Beautiful Day
Game I am Playing Rock Band for Playstation 3 Definitely a candidate for my 2008 Game of the Year! I'm terrible at drums even though I like to think I'd be a good drummer. The reality to perception gap is wide in my case. I love singing and learning that I really don't know the words to songs that I think I do! Random Thoughts It's easier to appreciate what you have when you haven't had it for awhile If a sheep isn't shorn, how long will its hair grow?
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