May 11, 2008

Time for Hilary to say goodbye

It's May 11. Less than six months until the most important Presidential election in the last twenty eight years. Twenty eight years ago America was suffering from significant economic, social, and foreign policy failures. Americans came out in force and rebooted the system. Twenty eight years later, it is time to reboot the system again. The last eight years are littered with economic, social, and foreign policy failures. We are the laughing stock of the free world relative to our "invade first, ask questions later" foreign policy. I wouldn't be surprised if Bush made Luxembourg an "Axis of Evil" in a fit of geographic stupidity. The dollar is a free fall because we fail to invest in technology, schools, basic science, and industry to make America competitive on the world stage. We don't have enough funds for these efforts in part because we have to buy munitions for wars our citizenry doesn't support. And Bush is in office only because the majority vote doesn't count anymore. Well, it never did, but that's another matter ;-) So it's time for a reboot. Twenty eight years ago the Republicans swept out the initiative exhausted Democrats. This year it's time for the Democrats to do the same thing to the morally and initiative bankrupt Republicans. But there is a problem! Instead of focusing on the finish line, the Democrats have two candidates fighting amongst themselves for the nomination. The Democrats are slinging mud at each other while in the near-dead McCain goes unfettered towards the big night. While I believe Obama can beat McCain with one hand tied behind his back and a loosely affiliated preacher spewing God knows what off to the side, Hilary Clinton versus McCain is not so easily predicted. Hilary has more baggage than a cruise ship headed for the Caribbean. She fails to ignite large parts of the Democratic party, and conservatives have a huge reserve of material to use against her in a general election. I almost lost all faith in the American political system when Gore was denied the last presidency. We instead re-elected the village idiot to be our President, except the majority of Americans who voted didn't support that decision. I'm not inherently against a Republican candidate, but it is time to sweep aside eight years of ridiculous and embarrassing behavior on the part of our Congress and President. Let's give another party the chance to clean up Washington. And to do this, we need the best possible Democratic candidate running for President now, not the Democratic nomination. We need the candidate that has the best chance of securing not only the majority vote, but also the votes of the Electoral College. That candidate is Obama.
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