May 12, 2008

Time for a Java podcast!

I think when I get back to work I'm going to start an insider's podcast on Java. JavaOne made me realize that Java is as much a community as it is a language, platform, or enabling technology. It's about people creating amazing things to solve real customer problems. I'm going to call it "Inside the FX" as an homage to JavaFX and the magic of creating create consumer products. I want to highlight the magic that makes Java happens, especially in this time when we are revitalizing many parts of the platform. There are so many funny stories, great people, and interesting stories that I think the community might find interesting. Both inside Sun and with all of our amazing partners! It's got be real, however. Not a puff piece. We should give our competition cred where it is due, and discuss the bonehead moves we sometimes make. Quoting Sun Tzu, "Good judgement comes from experience, and often experience comes from bad judgement". While I can't and won't "talk outside of church" or spill state secrets, the most interesting stories are often the most honest, wherever the story goes. My benchmark is Major Nelson's Xbox Live podcast. Larry Hyrb and "E" deliver the news about Xbox I want, but also share the interesting stories about the "how" of the news. It's also incredibly entertaining to listen to them talk about their lives, given how intertwined Microsoft, Xbox, and Seattle are bound into their daily routine. It's great because Microsoft PR sanctions his podcast but they don't censor it. Larry just uses good judgement. I've already got the first ten podcasts drafted in my notebook, so now I just need some microphones, my office, and time. And Karen's permission ;-) A question I've always wondered is why Larry doesn't just do a wide angle video shot and post a vblog? Is voice enough? People probably don't want to watch two people talk? Works for Charlie Rose ;-)
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