May 11, 2008

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The music industry needs a swift kick to the head. Instead of promoting new acquisition models for consumers to connect with music, their great contribution to the music scene over the last few years is the RIAA and suing the pants off people who like music. Yes, there is a difference between piracy and sampling music, but you don't greet the biggest change in the music distribution model over the last thirty years with a the broad side of a stick. Rock Band is a perfect example. I've been singing songs with my kids over the last few hours, and already rushed to iTunes to buy a song I hadn't listened to before! "Maps" from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Hey fat cat music executives. Get out of the glass house and embrace the digital era. Find new distribution models like Rock Band, subscription music services, and intuitive ways for users to share songs between iPods. If you don't, you'll end up in the poor house while others take over your business. The music doesn't respect artificial boundaries put in place to support your old fashioned ways. Sincerely, Man with over 600+ CDs, 150+ iTunes songs, and even a few DVD-As all purchased from you. PS - Making sure I can't share the official video of this song on my web site via YouTube copy protection did not +1 your cred, you freakin idiots!
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