June 01, 2008

Something small to stop Alzheimer's

I'm a big fan of aligning self-interests with mankind's goals to gain participation. I've found another example to align myself. I love computers. I'm terrified of the concept of Alzheimer's disease. I've watched first hand what it does to people, and believe we have to solve the mysteries associated with this terrible disease. Do how do align my self interests with crushing this disease? Folding@Home!! If I'm using my computers and they are not busy with a CPU intensive task (video rendering, as an example), then I'm devoting 100% of their CPU cycles to folding. I'm hopeful that my CPU cycles are the ones that eliminate Alzheimer's! I'd decided not to leave my computers folding when I'm away because that uses too much electricity, which runs afoul of the green effort my family is focused on. When I'm in front of the computer, it's folding. When I leave, folding is suspended ;-) I can be a geek and help medical research! Woo hoo!
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