July 31, 2008

Ain't Your Dad's Java podcast is live

Java is a language. Java is a platform. Java is the coffee cup in the System Tray.

All true.

Java is also hundreds of Sun employees, each with a story. Who we are, why we joined the Java team, why we are so excited about the work we do, and what we do when our day at Sun is done. To us, the work we are doing with Java builds on amazing foundation established over the last twelve years. But it far more than that. It's like nothing you've come to associate with Java.

Rich Internet Applications. Expressiveness and reach. Amazing 2D and 3D graphics, high definition video and audio, animation, a simple scripting language, tools aimed at bringing designers and web scripters into the mix, agile software development, Rock Band domination; it's all part of our future. If you remember the amazing creativity fostered by HyperCard, Visual Basic, NetObjects Fusion, Macromedia Flash, and other popular tools, accessible by millions of creative professionals, then you understand our history and inspiration.

To us, the Java we are building "Ain't Your Dad's Java". And the story behind this is one we'll tell via a podcast of the same name.

I'm really excited that the podcast is now available on iTunes for your audio consumption! The first two episodes have been posted. The first episode is covers our Java direction, and features my co-host David Bryant. The second episode features Param Singh, and we talk about the history and inspiration behind Java FX. In the future we'll range over a wide variety of Java topics, interviews, and discussions on cool technology, both Java enabled and just plain cool!

We're not edited by Sun PR, we say what's on our minds. That's the way we roll ;-) Hope you enjoy it! Send your comments, suggestions, and rants to aintyourdadsjava@sun.com, or to me directly.


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