December 14, 2008

NewTeeVee Live08 notes

Here are my unedited notes from the GigaOm NewTeeVee conference on November 14. Great conference, definitely plan on attending again next year. Our Java TV Product Marketing team all attended this local conference.


(Alexis Rapo) says it is hard to launch original series on the web, opposed to leveraging existing brands (e.g. Ugly Betty webisodes). Long form advertising is national + ads from local affiliate if launched from the affiliate site. ABC says this (web) is still a catch-up medium, broadcast is still primary model. They won't join Hulu (aggregator), but are ok because they are indexed by Hulu. ABC has not consolidated online distribution into one group, Alexis only owns, not iTunes distro, etc. 98% of viewing comes from direct traffic (as opposed to search traffic)

what the buck

went from public access to YouTube, thinks it took off when he also vblog'd himself. 285K subscribers, only uses YouTube as distribution.


13 hours of content uploaded to YouTube per minute. (Ben Ling from YouTube quote). YouTube monetized embeds announced yesterday.


12.6B US video streams (Comscore) in September 2008. Hulu vision: Help people find and enjoy the world's premium content. Deliver a service that users, advertisers, and content authors unabashedly love. Strategy = "brain-spray awesome" quality. Obbessed with white space and visual quality, per DisneyLand experience (clean). "My first Hulu experience made my head explode in a brain-spray of awesome". 12M monthly users. 145M monthly video streams. Hulu says advertisers love self selected "branched" ads.

22 ads/units per hour for broadcast TV. Rough conversion of CPM is $25!?

Reed Hastings (Netflix)

what you want (15% online today)

where you want it (15% laptop)

how do you get to the big screen?

thousands of web sites and many devices. Need a standard interface between the two.

Reed Hastings : we need web browsers built into TVs with Flash and Silverlight

broadband, hi-def screen, video as key app, pointer such wiiremote

when you want it (100% streaming)

+ discover your want (25% via Amazon, Apple, Netflix)

task ahead for cable, sat, telco : created integrated, personalized web-like experience before the real web gets access to all the video content and delivers it

Reed Hastings : Flash is really a video format, YouTube was all about streaming Flash video

Laptop-based viewing a benefit for youth (privacy, don't have big TVs, dens, etc.)

Everything that can be ad supported will be supported. Subscription = Netflix,

cable profits will rise over the next 10 years, due to big broadband margins


53% of online video viewers can be reached in the daytime, 37% at night

69% of streamers view TV for 7+ hours/week

40% view more than 13 hours/week

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