December 22, 2008

VMWare Fusion

I, like many I know, took advantage of the recent VMWare CyberMonday pricing to acquire the 2.0 version of their Mac software. I've been a diehard Parallels fan since the early days, but I keep hearing from people that VMWare is more stable and has a little better performance. With my recent transition to 4.0, Parallels unfortunately added stability issues, so I took the plunge into VMWare land last night. I backed up my Parallels virtual disk, uninstalled Parallels, installed Boot Camp with x64 Vista, and just installed Fusion 2.0. I've heard Fusion, like Parallels, can use my Boot Camp partition, so testing will commence shortly. Sun just released VirtualBox 2.1, so I owe my brethren some testing on this latest version! I tried 2.0, but found it too far behind Parallels 3.x in terms of features that I use. Looking at the 2.1 feature set, it looks like they made significant enhancements, so I'll start testing it ASAP!
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