January 02, 2009

New Year's Day should be every day

New Year's resolutions. Amazing what being at the "start" of a year causes people, including me, to do. Think. Plan.

Part of planning is looking back. On December 31, 2003, I wrote the following passage:

Imagine you get two calls on the same day:

  1. You've received $20 million dollars in your account tax-free
  2. You have an incurable disease that won't cause significant discomfort, but you'll drop dead in the next two to three years


  • What would you do differently?
  • What would you STOP doing?

Which led me, at the time, to the following questions for myself:

  • What are you deeply passionate about?
  • What are you "genetically encoded" for; what activities do you feel you were "meant to do"?
  • What makes economic sense; what can you make a living doing?

Damn, I was quite trite that day! That's an age-old scenario, and unfair because life often delivers #2 (unforeseen bad situation) without the benefit of #1 (unsolicited mana from heaven).

Looking back on this entry, I recognize that the real value in the question comes from asking it every day. Goals gain efficacy when they are rooted in past experience, but they are even more effective when they remembered and refined every day. While yesterday was a great day to set goals for 2009, today is an better day to remember those goals and live in the moment...

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