April 26, 2009

+1 reason the Republican Party looks quite moronic right now

Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn has for me yet again summarized why the Republican Party is in such disarray today. In this video she launches a not so subtle attack on Al Gore's character by inferring that his promotion of climate change legislation was for economic profit. Wow.

Couple of questions:
0 - Who was the aide in charge of researching this before she launched her mis-guided political gambit? Marsha clearly was not in command of the facts around Mr. Gore's business before she starts this endeavor.
1 - Who in the Republican Party blessed this junior congresswoman's assault on Al Gore? She might have been flying rogue, but it makes the whole party look bad. If, and I'm not saying you should, want to attack Al Gore's moral character, you'd better send a veteran into the fight, not a rookie.
2 - Since when did the Republican party go anti-capitalism and anti-business?! When Al Gore is using the economic system and venture capital to confront Global Warming and the Republicans are attacking that, the world has gone topsy-turvsy.

Ill-advised, ill-researched, and ill-orchestrated political maneuvering yet again backfires on the Republican Party. How did a party with near complete control of the American legislative, executive, and judicial branches just a few years back fall into such disarray?

Time for a reboot, Republicans. The Democratic Party can take a vacation from politics and the Republican Party would still lose mindshare and votes right now. The problems are internal. Purge and reboot. This is embarrassing. For all Americans.

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