June 09, 2009

Making CE wiring just a little simpler

I'm a geek. I love the challenge of wiring together whacky AV components from different manufacturers in dusty, cramped spaces. But let's face it, most normal people don't ;-)

Wouldn't it be cool if when you purchased AV gear you could enter the make and model of the gear you already own, the store POS adds what you are going to buy, and out comes a list of common things you might want to do (watch TV, play Xbox 360), what cables you need to make that happen, and most importantly, where to put all of those wires?

It's like the Logitech Harmony remote setup, except for AV cabling. Cabling for real people who don't understand what HDMI or component is, let alone what hole in the back of the receiver to stick it into!

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