July 30, 2009

Evolutionary changes affecting consumer product strategy?

I've been thinking about evolutionary technology, market, or customer changes that should impact consumer product strategy through 2011. I've got a list, but am interested in what other people think about the list. Additions, modifications, deletions?

  • Generation Y enters the workplace
  • Micro-payments become mainstream
  • BIC (Brazil, India, China) starts driving world economic policy, displacing role and power of G-7
  • Consolidation of (mobile) platforms to large, entrenched players
  • Media content valued for its ability to be simultaneously deployed across multiple customer screens
  • Common hardware platform, developed by Asian ODMs, powers mainstream PC, mobile, and TV CE offerings
  • Services predominately offered from the cloud
  • Revenue models move from one-time, uni-directional licenses to performance based, small time increment revenue shares
  • Users create (explicitly and implicitly) more/most content
  • Technology embedded and connected in commonplace (billions) elements to drive huge improvements in productivity and environmental efficiency
  • Mobile supplants desktop as the primary access channel for the Internet worldwide, TV rapidly becoming secondary access channel
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