June 26, 2011

Why blog?

I've decided to blog again. I use the term as a verb rather than a proper noun, though in this case I am using Blogger. As a verb, I mean long form writing intended for the web.

Why? I'm tired of being exclusively limited to 140 characters via Twitter. Fitting into 140 characters is fun and all, and forces a clarity of statement rare in email. The challenge is that no matter the mental or character compression algorithm, some thoughts, ideas, or questions need more than 140 characters to be introduced.

To the question of tooling, I still use Blogger, but I think a change is in order. Blogger doesn't appear to have a relentless team innovating it, and I'm hopeful there are next generation tools more in tune with multimedia blogging, mobile clients to quickly create events, and a richer suite of editing and "blog" formatting tools. I've contemplated WordPress, but want to create rather than spend the majority of my time administrating. Tumblr gets some buzz, and I've been interested in Path, but Path's own tagline scares me away because I want to share with more than just family and close friends, no matter how compelling their solution is. Suggestions?

I use MarsEdit to create entries on my Mac. I like MarsEdit, and will love it when they add Twitter notifications to blog entry creation events. Hint, hint ;-) I don't have a good mobile client solution, but I'm sure they exist. If anyone knows of a better desktop or mobile client solution, please let me know. I found MarsEdit through Ken Wallich.

I definitely want to improve the quality and quantity of comments, so I'm considering Disqus. Since I'm an investor in Vanilla Forums, I've more seriously considered adding a forum to my site because comments are just the beginning of discussion, IMHO. I should really get on that ;-)

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