July 30, 2011

Random tech that amazes me

I've saved these photos for almost a year and every week or two I scold myself (lightly) for not posting them as an example of subtle, cool technology that makes a difference.

I've seen plenty of examples of car back-up cameras, using the LCD screen now so prevelant in the mid front dash. Excellent safety addition, and with the large screen, you gain a full perspective of what is behind your car. The thing I always found interesting is that your focus has to transition quickly between that screen and the review view mirror. Your eyes are drawn to the rear view mirror first due to muscle memory and the wider perspective that mirror provides you.

I rented a Chevrolet on a trip to the midwest. Not a anchor of technology, but then I put the SUV in reverse.

Rvm screen

Figure 1: Chevrolet SUV rear view mirror with rear view camera view embedded!

Someone finally figured this out! Put both reverse views into the logical place our eyes are drawn to as we transition a car into reverse.

After using this integrated view, I put the car into Drive, and the rear view camera insert seamlessly dissapears. Awesome!

Rvm no screen

Figure 2: Put the car into drive, and the embedded rear camera view dissapears

Simple functionality in the right physical position that transitions seamlessly based on need. Love it.

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