February 23, 2012

Tech I use daily : Jaybird wireless headphones

About six months ago, I discussed my initial experiences with Jaybird's wireless headphones. These headphones have joined my "daily use" rotation. They are lightweight, very reasonable sound quality, fit well in the ear, reduce my cable clutter, and have ~ 3-4 hours of battery life between charges.

Why these over higher quality wired earbuds? It's all about exercise. It is so much easier to exercise without the clutter of cables inhibiting mobility. I've got great wired eytomics earbuds, but lack the frequent need to enjoy them. When I'm exercising or out and about, I like the physical freedom afforded by the Jaybirds. When I'm traveling on long flights (a frequent occurrence), I need the noise cancellation afforded by my Bose QuietComforts. When I'm at home listening to lossless digital audio, I use a high quality USB DAC and great over-the-ear headphones. Wired in-ear headphones have lost out in the great user scenario race.

Two things I'd wish for in future incarnations of these Jaybirds? Longer battery life and higher audio fidelity. I'm sure the upper limit on audio quality is gated by BT A2DP, but improved battery life might be possible?

EK rating : 4/5 stars

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