July 01, 2012

Eric's travel tech, Part 1: The Accessories Case

The Verge has a great set of articles called "Whats In Your Bag" that document what their writers, as frequent travelers, carry with them. I fly well over 100K miles per year, so optimizing my travel bag for function and weight is a never ending battle.

The Verge articles have contributors take everything out of their bag and document it in one article, but I'm going to take this from the inside out. I'll later highlight everything inside my travel bag and what I add for international travel, but first off is the tech accessories case inside my travel bag:

Ek travel tech small 

  1. Amazon Essential Carrying Case - I bought this after several recommendations to keep many of my accessories organized as opposed to floating loose in my travel bag. It was cheap and I use it, but I don't like it all that much. I use the left side to hold my mobile devices (2,3, and the not shown Galaxy Nexus), and they just float around in the large pocket, ready to fall out as soon as I open the case. I need to find a better accessories case at some point. Suggestions?
  2. Nokia Lumia 900 - Nokia's flagship Windows Phone in the USA. My first LTE phone. I'm an game addict, so ratcheting up my Xbox Live Gamerscore while traveling is a strategic advantage!
  3. iPod Touch, latest generation, 32GB. I think the iPhone 4(S) screen is too small, so I don't like it as a phone. I'm not a screen size junkie, but 3.5" is just below what my eyes and hand prefers. I still need a iOS device to test apps and accessories. And control my Romo ;-) Hence the multi-purpose iPod Touch.
  4. Screen cleaner - because clean is cool.
  5. Assorted memory cards - I have a cool Hans Solo MimoBot and SD cards of the regular, mini, and micro flavors. Problem is, I never use them. I have a nice LaCie iamaKey on my keychain that I use for quick transfers, etc, so soon I will deprecate these from the accessories kit.
  6. Assorted travel cables - Ethernet (spooled), USB to mini USB, USB to micro USB, USB to iPod, USB to Ethernet, and MiniDisplayPort to VGA. I use these all the time. I rarely travel with power chargers, as I use the USB ports on my MacBook Air as a portable charger when traveling. The USB to Ethernet adapter will soon get swapped for a Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet adapter, as I rarely simultaneously use external video and wired Ethernet, and when I need wired Ethernet, I typically need maximum data throughput.
  7. SIM card adapters - While most new WLAN devices use the micro-SIM format, I still work with devices that need full size SIM cards. Problem is, all of my SIMs are now the smaller format. I know adapters are bad. My friends in the standards world will kill me when they read this, but "it works" = "I'll use it".
So what's in your accessories pile? And how do you keep them organized within the greater travel bag?

Sorry for the less than great picture quality. I'll submit this in the "Galaxy Nexus has a crappy camera" category and promise to shoot with something else next time!

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