January 28, 2013

Pre-empting the audio alert (Android issue?)

Listening to podcasts and music on my Android phone (Galaxy Nexus, 4.2.1), I've noticed an issue with audio mixing that is fairly annoying. When I get an email notification, I'd expect a fairly smooth, quick ramp-down of foreground audio accompanied by the audio alert mixed in at an appropriate volume. Ramp the foreground audio back up after the alert is played, and everything is copasetic?

Not so, I'm afraid. What I get a nearly 100% drop-off in foreground audio, followed by a perceptible pause, then the alert sound, then the foreground audio returns to its previous volume. It's the audio equivalent of falling off a cliff. It's so jarring as to almost be scary. If this is how the audio manager handles mixing, it might as skip playing the alert itself, because now I'm trained that when I hear audio drop out, I know I'm either getting an alert in a second, or my phone has crashed. The audio manager's mix handling has become the alert itself.

Anyone else seeing this?

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