March 05, 2015

I've got a new podcast!

I'm incredibly excited to announce my new podcast, Improbable Insights, that I've been working on with Loyd Case!

I listen to a number of tech podcasts, including This Is Only a Test from the Tested crew and MVP from Ryan Block and Peter Rojas. Both of these are awesome sauce and mimicking them would have an exercise in futility. I was interested in something that complimented these podcasts, something not driven by the weekly tech news stream.

I'm interested in what happens after the relatively quick discussion surrounding a tech news story, what happens after the short review window ends and a gadget is sent back to the developer? What are the meanings, implications, and value of a new technology or solution? Over time, was the product so good that it is worthy of an "everyday carry"? Did something deep and relevant happen but we forgot to discuss it as we raced to the next news story? Did a game suck or rock after we played it for an extended period, and did it highlight an interesting trend or technique? Tell me more about less...

I was talking to Loyd about this over a few of our Friday Night Follies gaming sessions, and he agreed there was a hole in our podcast universe. I was excited to podcast with Loyd because he goes deep with technology. Superficial is not a word you use with Loyd. We share a number of common interests but he knows way more about many topics than I do! I'll do my best to compliment his knowledge and insights.

I'm going to try and write a Director's commentary on each episode to add even more color to the conversation. We want to keep each episode bite sized in terms of run length, so there will always be more to say on each topic than time allows. Don't worry, we'll be doubling back often to extend the conversation on meaty topics.

I hope you enjoy Improbable Insights. Like any new show, it will take us a few episodes to find our groove, but I'm happy with the conversation already. If you have questions or comments, ping me on Twitter.

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