April 16, 2015

Those who can't hear it must be deaf

I cring when folks say they can't hear the difference between MP3 (~ 192Kbs) and lossless audio, or almost worse, when my daughters and others say with a straight face that they don't know what lossless audio is and have no reason to care. We've created a generation of music lovers who've never heard the whole song. If I were a non-vocal band member, I'd beg for you to listen to lossless versions of my music. MP3 compression removes so many of the nuances of the guitar, horns, and other background instruments, replaced with a muddy blend of everything behind the (overly?) strong vocal track. I suppose if you are listening to music with terrible earbuds the difference might be harder to ascertain, but there is a subtle and important improvement that most have never heard. Do yourself a favor. If you love music but have never heard lossless audio, get ahold of a decent pair of cans (under $200) and a few of your favorite songs uncompressed. Don't know where to get lossless audio? It is as simple as re-ripping an audio CD in iTunes. Then listen to the guitar, listen to the instruments behind the vocals. Hopefully you'll hear something you've been missing for a long time.
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