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Everyday Carry: iPhone X

Everyday Carry builds on the internet's popular theme of exploring the items that go everyone with us. My only modification is that I've had to carry and use the object regularly  for at least three months. If it doesn't have scratches and/or a patina, it doesn't make it here.

Starting Everyday Carry talking about the iPhone X is like the beginning of an endurance race. Everyone starts in the same place and time, but we'll separate as time goes by. It's a safe pick Shit that rocksCamera: Beautiful pictures. The best compliment I can give is that when a group comes together for a photo, they notice I have a X and grab my phone to take the shot. They then ask me to Airdrop the photos to them ;-) I've stopped carrying my DSLR except for vacations, where lens variety becomes important.Size: This is relative, as for two generations I carried the Plus iPhones. Getting almost all of the screen real estate of a Plus phone without the girth was probably alone enough…

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