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Everyday Carry: iPhone X

Everyday Carry builds on a popular theme of exploring the items that travel everywhere with us. My modification is to only explore objects I've carried and used regularly for at least three months. If it doesn't have scratches and/or a patina, it doesn't make it here.

Starting Everyday Carry talking about the iPhone X feels like the beginning of an endurance race. Everyone starts in the same place and time, but we'll separate as time goes by. Same is true of the iPhone X; many seem to carry one but I'll explore more distinct objects as time goes by.

I'm less of an Apple fan boy than I was in the past, so I do buy Android phones on occasion to see if one can dislodge the current iPhone in my pocket. I use Google's core services so at some level it is ironic I use an iPhone. iTunes used to be an ecosystem bind between me and the iPhone, but that has eroded to near irrelevance due to iTunes's well documented shortcomings. The net-net is that I carry an iPh…

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